Online Registration FAQ

I don’t remember what we re-enrolled for. Does GDS have that information? What do I do? 

If you’ve received the Tier 1 registration form, GDS has your re-enrollment requests, you have paid your registration fee, and you still need to complete the form. If you don’t remember the class requests or you don’t want to change anything, that’s absolutely okay, but we need a form anyway. Use the comment boxes to communicate that you want no changes. We do have your re-enrollment forms and will use that  information for our decisions on class placement. 

This form also helps us to gauge your comfort level in returning to class and our ability to operate safely while accommodating as many students as we can. 

What Level is my dancer, I’m not sure.

We determine our levels based on school grade because our schedules are created with school dismissal times and proximity in mind. So, if your dancer is entering preschool or pre-K, Prima Ballerina is your form. Kindergarten and 1st is Pre-Ballet & Kid’s Combo. Grades 2-4 are Level I; Grades 5-8 Level II, II-III; and Grades 7-12 is Level III,III-IV.  

How do I level up my dancer? 

As long as you complete a form for your dancer, the team will consider your class requests and offer  level promotion opportunities as we see fit. 

 What is the scenario for the Fall? Are classes changing? 

         Please fill out the form, which will help us to develop a comprehensive plan for the Fall. 

 Will GDS be holding Tier 2 Registration? 

Yes, we plan to hold Tier 2 Registration for waitlisted students on Monday, 7/13 and Tier 3 for new students on Monday, 7/20. Registration will be available online using our new format and links to the forms will be sent in follow up emails and will be available on our website. 

When will my tuition be billed?

Since you have received a Tier 1 registration form, GDS has your credit card information on file from your re-enrollment form. Tuition billing will take place in August after receiving your class placement proposal. However, no one will be charged for any class tuition until we have received your approval. 


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